three months

92 days
2208 hours
132,430 minutes
7, 948, 800 seconds

and enjoying every moment . . . { even the tough ones }

miss kendi rayne is officially three months + she loves : to chew on her hands | to snuggle up on her sister's bed | to be held | to smile | music. especially tunes by Bon Iver | watching her sister play | hanging out in her swing | and kisses on the neck { which is her sweet spot to get her to giggle } 

our 11 pound + 12 oz baby girl is hitting milestones like no other and since there is no stopping this whole time thing, i am finding myself embracing each new phase with huge smiles while trying not to mourn those newborn days as much as i did the first time around. instead i find myself marveling in the now and studying every inch of her three month old self. 

and a rare moment with kaia actually looking at the camera . . . my girls side by side with nothing but sweet smiles 
sometimes i cannot believe my heart can love so much 

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