what fall brings

fall calls for cozy sweaters, winter coats + hats, and hot apple cider sippin' while snuggled under a warm blanket, especially after raking up what fall brings to our yard each year which is lots + lots of fallen leaves. every year our trees are the last ones to drop their leaves, which usually means we are out raking in the bitter cold or during the first snow fall. although there was no snow this year, the air was brisk and left the tips of our noses red and our bones cold. kaia was quite the helper this year and thoroughly enjoyed jumping in the endless piles of crisp golden leaves. the joy on her face screamed happy making every inch of my heart feeling full.  

bits + pieces of them together : 
kaia said to me the other night, "mom, i cannot wait for her to grow up tall like me." { and then my heart exploded . . . }

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