four months

i cannot believe you are four months already. amazing as you are, this whole time thing is not. you are a mover and a shaker, yes you are. you want to be sure you are heard + in the mix of everything that is going on. you do not want to be left out nor ignored in any way possible. you want to be close by, cuddled, + talked to. and please, please, play music because... darling, you l o v e it. kendi girl, we are all just so smitten over you as you are over us + life in general. this month you are all about rolling over + making it known that you have a voice. your grunts are heard from all levels of the house. and your giggles, oh dear, those just whistle throughout every room + send sweet vibes to all of us. you adore your sister + the funny things she does. she brings nothing but smiles + laughter to your face. you are quite oral + seem to always be seeking out the next best thing to put into your mouth. miss sophie the giraffe may be in the running to be your next best friend. you are all about rolling over but once you get to your tummy you don't like to stay for too long. you are famous for cat nappin' + fighting sleep, at times, like a plague. you love to smile though. gosh, do you ever love to smile.

. . . . we simply adore you to pieces

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