the napping house

there are so many times i have left dirty dishes in the sink, laundry unfolded, or toys left out just to savor moments like these. i find watching them sleep to be one of my favorite past times. although i may get nothing done, i know too much to know that this time of them like this is far too short not to savor.

kendi seems to enjoy these naps with her big sister too, as she tends to sleep longer when she is next to her. or next to anyone for that matter. but especially next to kaia, she can certainly rock out a good hour or more than her standard 30-45 min catlike naps when she is alone in her crib. she loves being close and to know that a warm body is near by to give her immediate comfort and security when she needs it. and i am completely okay allowing this magical moment to happen.

when little jensen's sleep. . . 

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