just dance

this is what i know... 

when my mood feels a little off. when i can see my internal fight to keep the balance of daily responsibility, while trying to fend off the anxiety that is seemingly creeping in affecting the atmosphere of the room and the temperament of my girls, stop what i am doing. and instead put on our favorite tunes, swoop up the little loves and dance. breathe them in. laugh. and dance. because everything else can wait.

it just can.

the past few days i have been battling trying to juggle the acts of life, while maintaining a healthy balance of motherhood and everything that comes after that... work, family, friends, projects, and massive 'to do' lists that only seem to be getting bigger. it is incredibly challenging sometimes trying to perfect the balancing act of parenthood. i think all us parents or care givers can attest to that. but something i learned the other day is to become a better listener when i am finding myself in that moment of "i have to get this done and it cannot wait." but my kids are not really allowing that to happen. rather trying to fight getting what i want done, done. drop what i am doing, put on that favorite soundtrack and dance.

. . . the results are magical.

the mood of the room changes. the anxiety subsides. and all is good in our little world again.

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