"a portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2014"

{ week eleven : 11/52 }

kaia: your long lashes. your curly hair. the little beauty mark right above the left side of your upper lip, the exact same place as mine. this portrait, this week, is your last as our three year old. my love, next week you embark on a new year. a new journey. and i raise my cupcake up to you, wishing you the best year yet. 

kendi: your first trip, of what will most likely be many, to the fabric store. the largest one in the twin cities area.  


bedtime shenanigans

every night before bed this is what happens. a scheduled nightly performance of our little miss monkey who loves to jump on the bed. and we let it happen every. single. night. bedtime in our house has always been a mixed bag. we have never really been strict on a certain bedtime in our home, which has seemed to work for us so far. since the day kaia was born we have let her set her own sleep schedule and we have simply just followed her suit. of course, there are days when we steer the process a bit more than others. but for the most part, she has naturally set her own time when it comes to sleep and we just + help + guide her routine along. it is what works for her. for us. and for the most part, the results end in a good night's rest. 

i want to remember these details about her. about routines. the mundane and the natural process of her nightly retreat. i want to remember how she needs her stuffed blue bunny + how she tucks in about eight other stuffed animals right beside her, getting them as close as she can to nestle against her body. i want to remember how she prefers her socks off when she sleeps. and how she loves to be read to and prefers her mama to snuggle her to sleep. i want to remember all of it. every. single. bit. of. it.



"a portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2014"

{ week ten : 10/52 }

kaia: playing outside soaking up the warmer days. spring is near my love, it is so so near.  

kendi: there is really nothing sweeter than you looking up at me with those eyes that just beg for me to pick you up, and i do. i always do... and you know what my darling, i always will. 



"a portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2014"

{ week nine : 9/52 }

kaia: wearing your favorite play dress + taking a rest from dancing on the dinning room table with a big oversized balloon you just had to have. 

kendi: you're seven months this week and you cut your third tooth. here you are hanging out on mama + daddy's bed with your sister whom you completely + utterly adore.