every monday i find my heart aching for one more day. one more day at home with my littles. one more day to spend as a family before the rush of the week begins and we start anew. it is so hard to say goodbye on monday morning. i find myself holding kendi in my arms a little longer before i lay her down in her bed for her morning nap, kissing every inch of her while whispering in her ear how much i love her and will miss her while i am away at work. and kaia, how she begs for me to stay home asking me to play with her, all the while knowing that i will, regretfully, say i can't because i have to get ready for work. followed by, ". . . but i will when i get home."

it's hard. and every monday i seem to fight this crazy game of tug of war that, on occasion, is difficult for me to find the strength i need to pull myself through. but i do. i always, always do.

today was one of those days. indeed, it was a good fight. but i made it through. we made it through.



easter sunday

we celebrated easter close to home this year and it was wonderful. the weather was amazing. 75 degrees, warm sunshine, and a big blue sky was welcomed with much delight and excitement. it was perfect and just what we needed after the long and dreadful winter we had.

aaron had to work for a bit in the morning, so the girls and i ventured over to my mom and step-dad's for breakfast and an easter egg hunt. kaia had a blast finding easter eggs and kept saying, "that easter bunny, he is quite clever that one." i sometimes wonder where she comes up with this stuff ... but i love that she does, because it's little statements like that, that make this life with my littles so incredibly beautiful and joyful.

here are a few moments of our day . . .



"a portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2014"

{ week fifteen : 15/52 }

kaia: messy hair and red lips while playing in the backyard

kendi: feeling the raindrops kiss your face for the first time 



"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2014"

{ week fourteen : 14/52 }

kaia: your curls and giggles and big ol' bear hugs certainly warm my mama heart like no other.  

kendi: playing with your toesies and posing for your eight month photos that mama finally got around to taking. just shy of two weeks late, you were a bit of a challenge to capture this month as you're not wanting to sit or lay still for too long these days.  



"a portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2014"

{ week thirteen : 13/52 }

kaia: puddle jumping and enjoying the spring-like weather

kendi: your love for water is a passionate one. in fact bath time is your most favorite part of the day, i am sure of it. from the second you hear the water drawn to when it is time to drain the tub, you are all smiles and overwhelmed with such joy and excitement it is hard to get you out.  



a portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2014

{ week twelve : 12/52 }

kaia: the week my baby turned four. mama still cannot believe that we have a four year old in the house. you are so excited about being four and have officially been wanting to do everything on your own. happy birthday sweetness. we love you so so much. 

kendi: happy eight months sweet kendi rayne. you love being held, cozy snuggles after nursing, neck kisses, scooting from room to room, warm baths, trying new foods to eat, and playing with your sister who makes you laugh like no other.