every monday i find my heart aching for one more day. one more day at home with my littles. one more day to spend as a family before the rush of the week begins and we start anew. it is so hard to say goodbye on monday morning. i find myself holding kendi in my arms a little longer before i lay her down in her bed for her morning nap, kissing every inch of her while whispering in her ear how much i love her and will miss her while i am away at work. and kaia, how she begs for me to stay home asking me to play with her, all the while knowing that i will, regretfully, say i can't because i have to get ready for work. followed by, ". . . but i will when i get home."

it's hard. and every monday i seem to fight this crazy game of tug of war that, on occasion, is difficult for me to find the strength i need to pull myself through. but i do. i always, always do.

today was one of those days. indeed, it was a good fight. but i made it through. we made it through.



  1. I love your blog Kari. Your family is so beautiful. You are a wonderful mother, inspiring. I hope God bless your family. Love, Julie <3 <3

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    2. thank you julie! your kind words certainly warmed my heart. i just wish i had a little more time to blog... but hopefully, bit by bit, i can make some changes to that ;) wishing you a very happy day! xo