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as a family we are always looking for experiences and opportunities to do good for others. whether it is for our family, our friends, our neighbors, our grocery store bagger, the kind guys and dolls that make us that delicious cup of jo at our local coffee shop, and the like... aaron and i strive to be teaching our littles how we can do good for other people by simple acts of kindness and how we can give back to others; waving to the pedestrian crossing the street, thanking the cashier at the store by name, picking out flowers for friends just because, donating new or unused toys and clothing to local shelters, putting a little extra in the church offering, sharing a bright, sincere smile with a stranger, or bagging up food items for charity. whatever the situation is, these simple acts can certainly go a long way and make a memorable difference to our day, our week, or even our month.   

this month we are celebrating giving back and acts of kindness in various ways by joining forces with Ella's Kitchen and Earth's Best and their partnership with the campaign No Kid Hungry to fight to end child hunger. with march being National Nutrition month, this campaign and partnership between Ella's Kitchen and Earth's Best are working hard to not only provide good quality, organic products but to bring awareness to a problem we are still facing here in the United States. together, they have donated 1.5 million free meals to kids here in our country who need them. how amazing is that? the best part yet, is you too can be part of this fight for child hunger by purchasing Ella's Kitchen and Earth's Best pouches, marked specifically with No Kid Hungry on the packaging at select Walmart locations and donate a bag of goodies to your local pantry. by being part of this mission and joining this fight, you will help raise more awareness and more food for our children who continue to go hungry every single day. together, we have come a long way in efforts to to keep the bellies of our children fed, but i believe we can still do better. 

so i invite you and your families to join us in this fight to end child hunger! please join and share your stories of what your family is doing to give back to others and how you are educating your children about child hunger and No kid Hungry --- please use the hashtags #NoKidHungry and #FeedKidsinNeed along with @livinglifesmoments and we'll choose one winner to send a $100 Walmart gift card to create their very own donation bag at home with your loved ones.

we look forward to hearing your stories!

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  1. We always bring food to our church's food bank