adventures with lily jade co / chapter one

yesterday evening we headed out for a family picnic and a visit to one of our favorite spots in st. paul. we took along our new lily jade diaper bag to test out their new style that was just released as part of their fall collection. i toted around the rosie bag and loved how easy it was to store everything we needed while being out. it's super soft leather, effortless style and it's ability to feel nearly weightless regardless what i seemed to put in it, made it convenient and easy to take along while chasing the girls around the lake and exploring all things fall.

with the wind in our hair and the warm autumn sun kissing our skin, an evening spent out in nature was just what we needed to top off our weekend and prepare our souls for the busy week ahead. 

wishing all you a happy week ahead, i know i'll be holding onto these smiles all week long!


pehr designs / home goods / give away

we are all heart eyes over here about pehr + petite pehr designs and the super sweet ladies behind this dreamy brand, so much that we teamed up with them to give away $100 to one lucky reader. we have fallen so hard for all their home goods and decor, especially their petite line as we prepare the nursery for our sweet little love that will arrive this november. 

to enter for your chance to win $100 to pehr simply follow them on instagram, visit their website and leave a comment here about what you're loving from their shop.

happy shopping, friends!


daniel wellington watch / sponsored post

this month we teamed up with daniel wellington watches to offer you darlings a discount code so you can snag one of these timeless, effortless, beautiful watches for yourself!  i adore mine and have been getting many compliments on it ever since i put it on. i went for years without a good quality watch that would either break on me or not suit my everyday style, but this watch goes with literally everything. i can dress it up or down and love it's timeless elegance!

daniel wellington watches come in various sizes in either silver or rose gold and the best part is you can customize the band to your liking and preference. they are all about taking a simple style and making it your own, which i think we can all appreciate that right?!

to purchase your very own daniel wellington watch click here and be sure to use discount code LIVINGLIFE to receive 15% off your total purchase.

happy shopping!


skin care // young living oils

last month i did a post on instagram talking about my daily skin care routine featuring the amazing spin for perfect skin brush by vanity planet, with mentioning of a natural face cream i use with essential oils. after some heavy inquires and questions about the cream and the brush, i thought i would share a bit more about what i am using, how i use my products, along with a recipe for the face cream i use and a discount code for the spin for perfect skin brush for those that may want to take advantage of an amazing deal!

so here it is…
my routine is pretty simple you guys. i have found that by keeping things simple and using less stuff on my face, the better. i have tried many face washes and creams throughout my days, as i am sure many of you have also. this past season i started using a wash that i stumbled upon at Target called 29 by lynda mondavi and so far i have been liking it. i feel it is gentle on my skin and cleanses well without leaving it dry or oily. prior to using this wash, my cream and oils, and the spin for perfect skin brush, my face was not looking so great. i was breaking out in places where i hadn't in years, my pores were looking bigger than ever, and my overall complexion was looking drab and worn. this routine though, has saved me and my face. seriously my skin has been thanking me ever since i started using the spin brush and these products.

so when do i use my spin brush?
i wash with the daily face brush tool (the small white one) every two - three days and use the exfoliating brush (the small dark gray one) every 7-10 days for a real deep clean, getting at those pores and opening them up. my face is always glowing a little extra on the days that i exfoliate, which i love! after all the cleansing is done, i apply my face cream for day and night. and that is pretty much it folks. it's that simple and my face has seriously been thanking me!

to find out more about the spin for perfect skin brush or to purchase one for yourself at 70% off using code: karispin, click here

my face cream recipe using young living essential oils is the following:

1 cup organic coconut oil 
2 tablespoons of organic jojoba oil 
25 drops frankincense 
10 drops lemon 

use a hand mixer and whip your coconut and jojoba oils in a large bowl. after the cream has become fluffy or mixed together add your essential oils and mix on low until incorporated. 

find a cute container to store it in and you're all set!

if you are interested in purchasing young living essential oils and don't have the premium starter kit, check out their website to learn more. and if you're interested in joining the team i am a part of and get fun recipes like one above and many many others, use my number, #2780206 at check out. i started oils some months ago and regret that it took me so long to click that check out button. they have saved my family and i in so many ways.