adventures with lily jade co / chapter one

yesterday evening we headed out for a family picnic and a visit to one of our favorite spots in st. paul. we took along our new lily jade diaper bag to test out their new style that was just released as part of their fall collection. i toted around the rosie bag and loved how easy it was to store everything we needed while being out. it's super soft leather, effortless style and it's ability to feel nearly weightless regardless what i seemed to put in it, made it convenient and easy to take along while chasing the girls around the lake and exploring all things fall.

with the wind in our hair and the warm autumn sun kissing our skin, an evening spent out in nature was just what we needed to top off our weekend and prepare our souls for the busy week ahead. 

wishing all you a happy week ahead, i know i'll be holding onto these smiles all week long!