a mini victory + what's in your mama bag?

you ever have those days when leaving the house seems like the biggest task and chore ever that when you finally leave and shut the door behind you, you feel exhausted as if you just ran a marathon? well i haven't ran a marathon (yet anyway!) but what i can say is getting out the door has certainly felt like one lately, or a mini victory if you will. between getting the girls dressed for the second, third, or forth time (because it is all about finding the right dress these days ;) ) and gathering up their things to be put into my bag, waddling up and down the steps like a little penguin, it is amazing that we all make it out. but like most things when it comes to parenting, we parents and caregivers always manage to push through, even when it seems like the victory is nearly impossible to achieve when in the moment. because that is just what we do and life without those moments, at least for me, would be lonely. and honestly, i prefer them in it! so regardless of what those mini victories may look like in your home, just keep on keeping on and give yourself a big high five and a break when those imperfect, hard to get through, oh goodness we are leaving the house in our favorite jammies and witch dress moments happen and celebrate them with great love while telling your sweet self, "it's okay!" because truly it is.

. . . . . . . .  a helpful reminder to myself.

so speaking of my mama bag…. i would like to know, what's in your mama bag? whether we are out for a short or long adventure, i'm always trying to keep things new and fresh in my bag. for example, bringing along a new snack or slipping in a toy they haven't played with in awhile, i find myself searching for ways to keep things not only useful for us all but intriguing for the littles too. so what is in yours?! i'm curious to know! here i laid out what my bag tends to look like on a typical day. not pictured: crumbs and wrappers and whatever gems we tend to pick up along the way…

this is my mama bag loot:

- a clipboard with fresh paper and stickers for drawing and making pictures
- a pencil pack stuffed with color pencils
- our homemade hand sanitizer (a must!)
- gentle baby essential oil in case we need some sweet aroma to help us calm our mood
- our favorite toy ponies at the moment
- a hat for the cooler weather
- a small blanket to keep us warm and cozy in the car or when we "pop a squat" on a park bench to rest
- a little book we adore and that never seems to get old
- mini me's yummy rise cakes
- diapers
- a change of pants for kendi, just in case
- bows to help keep those bangs back and hairs pretty
- and a bottle of water, always!

so tell me… what's in yours? i'd love to hear and get some ideas!

those mini victories are so worth it. always.

feel free to share your own mini victory with mini me's for a chance to win prizes and while you're there download a coupon so you can try your very own mini me's snacks. they are a big hit around here!

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