packing for baby // lily jade chapter two

our time has come to think about packing a bag for mama and baby… and daddy too! i always try to keep things as simple as possible when it comes to packing for baby because honestly they don't really need a whole lot. i'm sure to pack something meaningful and special for baby and to make sure that i bring along the essentials too; like it's nature sutten paci, a gown or a onesie and a pair of pants, cozy swaddles, a blanket for baby and mommy to share, and a teeny tiny hat or bonnet to keep the draft and cool temperatures at bay when traveling home. preparing the bag from start to finish is such a beautiful process i take my time with. drinking in every moment of it's existence, i run my fingers across it's clothes, touching every detail, while i fold it's laundry and dream and pray and dream some more about who our littlest love will look like, if it will have hair, what it's cry will sound like, and picturing that very moment when i feel it's butter soft skin on mine…. oh, how magical this time really is. 

all packed and ready to go hangs our lily jade bag with your belongings, my sweet. soon enough you will be here in our arms… until then we wait, we dream, and we pray for you.  

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