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have you heard of at{mine}? if you're into home decor and interiors you might want to check it out. these long winters always get my wheels turning about our laundry list of spring and summer house projects and in the mood to change things up around our home. i can often be found looking for inspiration during the wee hours of the night while i am nursing klo and i happened to stumble upon them. it is sort of like pinterest and instagram rolled into one, only it is specifically home related which i like. the thing i love about it though, it allows you to tag items in the photo to tell a fellow admirer where certain things are from or what the brand of the product is. so basically it's like twofer. you can get your inspiration and do a little shopping, gotta love that right?! i know i do, my husband on the other hand might have a different opinion ;)

anyway, i liked it so much i made up a profile and posted some images of our home here. take a look and follow along if you'd like. and please let me know what you think about it or if you join, i'd love to see your spaces!

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