first day of spring

"it was one of those march days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold; when it is summer in the light and winter in the shade" 

i love this quote by charles dickens so much because it so beautifully describes how spring feels in the upper midwest. our first day of spring felt just as so. warm in the sun, cold in the shade and looking a good twenty degrees warmer than it actually was outside. we rang in this year's first day of spring potting hyacinth and some new plant babies, along with the ever so dainty wax flower that now fills our vases.

on sunday, i spent the greater part of the morning sitting near the windows in our sun drenched dinning room soaking up all the warm rays while playing in the dirt with the littles. it was glorious and refreshing to my soul. i love a good change like the kind we see and experience with the seasons. there is something so exciting and special about it, especially the change from winter to spring. every where you go people are out from hibernation and showing their face again with bright smiles and chipper-like attitudes. it feels good to experience those exchanges and positive feels. it makes my heart smile deep and appreciate the big, to subtle, changes that come with each new season.

the girls had fun picking out their very own hyacinth at the market and filling up our urbana sac bag with the last of the pink wax flowers. we talked about our favorite things to do in the springtime, while we potted our new plant babies and florals and put tiny pink flowers in vases showering them about our home.

the small urbana sacs containers, while can be used in about a hundred different ways, made kendi's hyacinth plant look right a home. if you so happen to be in the market for something other than a traditional basket or terra cotta pot for your blooms or herbs this season, these urbana sacs are so so great. all of their products are made out of washable paper and recycled fiber blends. and the best part… they're washable and environmentally friendly. i know we all love to hear that. they are well worth checking out, dear ones!

spring showed up with a new feel and a bit of fresh air. we are so excited it's here!

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