SoYoung G I V E A W A Y

today we're teaming up with SoYoung to give one lucky reader a new backpack and lunch box combo! the girls are quite smitten with theirs. they bring their backpacks along pretty much every where we go as of late. packed full of their favorites, these bags aren't too far out of reach. 

with Easter right around the corner, we thought the backpack and lunch box combo would make such cute gifts and be nice, yet useful, addition to any little one's Easter basket. one could even switch out the traditional Easter basket with the backpack. it would be so cute stuffed with eggs!

SoYoung Collection prides themselves on simplicity, yet keeps it cool with quality and style. made out of coated linen, they have a waterproof bottom to help protect from environmental elements. i especially love that about them. keeps things dry and clean!

the girls and i spent sometime at the flower gardens over the weekend. saturday was absolutely gorgeous to be outside and roaming the city. we packed a few snacks and hung out at the conservatory breathing in the beautiful aroma from the fresh blooms that surrounded us. the girls also brought along their nature journals and cameras { kaia took a couple of the floral photos below;) }. being there got me thinking about the plans for our outdoor space, which i'm anxiously awaiting to tend to. given the glorious weather we've been having it's been hard to be patient, but we still have a good couple weeks yet before it's safe to plant. come on spring, we are so ready for you!

to enter the giveaway please follow SoYoung and leave a comment below telling us what is inspiring you this season. and be sure to leave your instagram handle in the comment too, so we're sure it's counted! 

as always, thank you dear friends! 


  1. My little one is inspiring me! Thanks @mandaoverturf

  2. The joy on my girls' faces as they have new 'springtime' experiences. @katieschleifer

  3. Being inspired with this warm weather to slow down & hang out with my little one without thinking of my to-do list at all times ;) @liledenlove

  4. I'm inspired by my little monkey taking on all the bars and rings at the playground. Good-bye gloves! We have the birdies, we would love the bunnies. @curlie_boo

  5. Growing baby number 5 is inspiring me. :) @ColetteRuby

  6. My two little boys and growing little girl in my belly inspire me everyday! @trendanicole