three months // and a giveaway

l o v e s to steal all of our kisses  l o v e s waking up at 3:00am and snuggling the rest of the early morning next to mama l o v e s kicking those legs and blowing bubbles l o v e s telling stories with sweet baby babbles to her big sisters l o v e s taking long naps in the baby swing or cuddled up on mama's chest  l o v e s the microwave fan to fall asleep, works every time  l o v e s cuddling up with her blanket and burrowing her face in it  l o v e s to smile  l o v e s the sound of water running l o v e s neck kisses  l o v e s to be loved . . . .

klo and mama are also loving these butter soft 100% prima cotton gems from Sasha & Lucca, New York. for those that may not be familiar, Sasha & Lucca is a children's brand designed in New York and made in peru with literally thee softest cotton ever. they are committed to creating a style that speaks sophistication and simplicity while keeping comfort a priority. these sweet pieces don't skip a beat, dear ones. they are beautifully crafted from head to toe!

Sasha & Lucca not only carries pieces to clothe your littles but they also carry beautiful accessories that make the every day easier, cleaner, and cozier. 

today, in celebration of this little love turning three months, we are hosting a giveaway just for YOU and your sweet LITTLE ONE! to enter a chance to win a $100 towards Sasha & Lucca products head over to their instagram and give a little love. once you're done swooning over all their cuteness come back here and tell us what you're loving about the current stage of your little one(s). we'd love to hear about it!


  1. My 3 month-old - her first giggles! I can't believe how much faster life moves with 2 so I'm soaking up the infant stage with cuddles and baby-head kisses. My soon to be 3 year-old - her independence and personality are shining and strong! I am so happy to watch her grow into a joyful, spirited kid, and one who loves her little sister to boot.

    1. thank you for sharing Natalie! love hearing about those head kisses and you're little spirited one loving on her little sister just as much as she is loving showing off her independent skills ;)! sounds pretty similar over here ;) xo

  2. I'm 21 weeks pregnant and I just started feeling the baby move around - I'm loving every kick!

  3. Not sure if this giveaway is still available but I am in LOVE with everything Sasha and Lucca! I am currently 16 weeks pregnant with baby # 3 :)