in the greenhouse with brass clothing

my soul has been craving warm sunshine, fresh blooms, spring air, green grass, my garden and a spring-like wardrobe. it is time to put away the heavy sweaters and bust out the dresses, give me all the dresses! it is so hard to be patient this time of year. us minnesota people are so ready for spring come march that when winter-like days hit in april it can be such a downer. to escape the cold winter air and boost our sour spirits, i packed up the girls and my mother and venture to one of my favorite places, the greenhouse.

i like to call this place a little slice of tropical heaven. with rows of house plants, fresh spring floral, and a fairy garden for the girls to play and get lost in imagination, this place has it all. it is exactly what our souls needed this weekend when winter decided to make yet another appearance. while i shopped for a few house plants and planned out my flower pots and boxes, the girls were having their fun running down the aisles and soaking up the warm filtered sunlight. the smell of moist dirt and big leafy greens and wearing my everyday dress without being cold for a change was therapeutic enough for me!

for those that are gearing up for spring, like myself, and craving new things for your spring wardrobe, brass clothing is something you may want to check out. their philosophy of keeping things simple and comfortable, yet stylish too, is everything i am about these days. i'm sure you other mom's out there can agree, comfort is everything. being a mom to three little ladies and on the go a lot, it is nice to have some go to garments in the closet that are easy to dress up and down and can be paired with just about anything!

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