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one of my favorite daily rituals is my skin care routine. i love to start and end my day of work and play by washing and layering my skin with care and love using safe and quality products. it took me awhile to find the right regime, but now that i have i can't see myself ever moving away from these products. after nearly a year of experiencing unwanted breakouts and blemishes in my skin, i knew i had to change things up. that is when i found Beautycounter. for anyone that isn't familiar or for even those that are, this video describes them beautifully and is incredibly inspiring.

below i have written and outlined what i use when it comes to beauty care products. i absolutely love how easy these products are, darlings. they are soft and gentle and just all around so wonderful to use. i have noticed a significant change in my skin and my overall completion since i started paying closer attention and taking better care of my skin. i finally feel like i have youth and glow back in my skin again and i tell you, it feels so good!

1.) i always start and end my day with a good wash from Beautycounter's counter time line. their cleansing balm is a beautiful option to remove makeup and oil and dirt from a long day. followed up by the soothing face wash and it's spa like treatment done super easy. i don't think i have ever loved a face wash as much as i love this one. this is by far one of my favorite products from Beautycounter. it is gentle and soft and gives my skin a healthy glow. both these products are fabulous and smell good too. not too strong but not too minimal either. it's just the right amount of scent that relaxes me every morning and night.

2.) next i moisturize. this is where i like to weave in my young living essential oils. i have blends already pre made in dropper bottles ready to be used at all times. i use 1-2 drops of my face oil blend and mix it in with the counter time uplifting day cream to be used on my face and neck. at night i typically go without a moisturizer and just use my face oil blend around my eyes, smile lines, neck and forehead. another thing i love about Beautycounter is that they offer face oils too! so if you don't' use essential oils or have them readily available or even if you're not so much of a diy person, their oils are a wonderful option and add so much glow to your skin and smell heavenly. the countertime line is packed with anti-anging agents and their essentials is packed with outstanding ingredients for all skin types.

3.) once my face has been cleansed and moisturized it is ready for some simple makeup application. i have never been a big makeup person. in fact, recently i had my neighbor, who used to work as a makeup artist, give me a few application tips because i felt like i need a little boost ;)! again, what i love about Beautycounter is that their products are safe and worry free from harmful ingredients. their makeup is extremely gentle on the skin and so easy to use and apply. they perform extremely well and again, i no longer have to think about is in them because i know they are safe. you can check out their latest video about their ground breaking mascara here. they also have helpful guides to pick shades and tones and amazing fun promos making it easy to stock up on all your essentials.

that is pretty much it, dears. easy enough, right? again what i love most about this routine is that the products are quality, safe, and worry free. these products really do speak for themselves and have been a huge game changer for my skin.

also worth noting… their sunscreen is amazing. especially for those little ones! you can view those products here.

if you find yourself wanting to give any of the products you see from above a try (or even products you don't see) i encourage you do so. you won't regret it! now through memorial day, i am offering anyone that places an order for any Beautycounter product a free sample pack of the essentials line or counter time line.

what does that include exactly?
- the sample pack of the essentials includes a gentle face wash, exfoliating cream, a day and night cream, and eye cream.
- the sample pack of the countertime collection includes a soothing face wash, uplifting day cream, a firming complex, night cream, and eye cream.

After you place your order you can simply send me an email with what sample set you'd love to try!

you can view the essential collection here and the countertime collection here.

just be sure if you place an order you go through here!

and because i love LOVE what essentials oils are doing for our family and for my skin, i am also offering anyone that signs up and purchases a premium starter kit $25! the premium starter kit is the best value and such a great way to get started!

you can start your journey here!

both promos end on monday 6:00pm!

happy long weekend, friends!

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