a mother's postpartum essential kit

i've had a few friends welcome new life into their families recently and thinking of what to gift them or any new mama or mama's welcoming more children is sometimes a challenge for me. often leaving me wonder what do expecting mother's really need and how can it be most helpful? what is considered essential? what can i give that is unique from all the other items on the registry but yet useful? what is something i can gift that is not only for baby but for mamas also?

around the time klo was born we were gifted this fridababy bundle of joy gift set. i had heard about their useful tools and kits but never had experience using them, outside of a nail trimmer of course. the gift set comes fully stocked with gas relievers, a snot sucker for those heartbreaking baby colds, a baby nail trimmer and file, and a mama washer for those postpartum lady parts (much better and more functional than the ones the hospital gives out, ladies!). this essential kit helped me through those first few weeks of healing and helped us through klo's first baby cold. and it continues to be useful yet today six months later, which is always nice.

so when the time came to shower and sprinkle some of my mama friends i knew, without question, what to give them. i put this little basket of essential goods together for one of my friends and love how it turned out. a basket plumped full with the fridababy's bundle of joy products, a brush for baby, and essential oil blends for both baby and mama. my friend absolutely loved it and the kit had all the other mama's talking. i especially love that it is something she can use overtime.

recipes for essential oil blends that are safe for both mama and baby:
freshening spray: in a 2 oz glass amber bottle; fill with distilled water. add 10 drops grapefruit essential oil. use to freshen up the nursery or any room. be sure to give a good shake before use.

linen spray: in a 2 oz glass amber bottle, fill with distilled water. add 10 drops lavender essential oil. lavender + gentle baby essential oil is a nice blend also. spray on baby's blanket before nap or bedtime. give a good shake before use.  '

calming spray: in a 2 oz glass amber bottle fill with one part witch hazel and distilled water. add 10 drops roman chamomile. spray on the baby's blanket or on yourself for a calming aroma.

postpartum mama soak: in a small dropper bottle fill with one part water and one part witch hazel. add 10 drops geranium essential. add 3 drops to the mama washer from fridababy's bundle of joy with warm water before use. one can also add drops to a warm bath for soaking. geranium is a wonderful healing for postpartum mamas!

it really is a lovely gift for all to enjoy!


  1. What an amazing gift, the linen spray sounds so calming.

    Thanks for sharing and also wanted to say what a lovely interview and home tour on A Cup of Jo. I'm a Wisconsinite living in the PNW and your home tour made me nostalgic for Midwest summers with my Grammy.

    1. thank you for stopping by and for your sweet words!