a new space for our girls

after a year and a half sharing the same bed our big girls now have a bed of their own. we did a little bedroom swap the other weekend and moved our big girls into what used to be the nursery. for those that follow along with us on instagram, you have seen photos and heard me talk about kaia and kendi sharing a bed. for something that happened accidentally turned into a routine that was vital to them falling asleep and comforting for them during the night. it was much too sweet actually and luckily for us, it rarely came with squabbles. rather it was truly a ritual they loved just as much as we did.

we thought long and hard about this for awhile, probably longer than what is even necessary. but change is hard for me and well, the saying "don't fix what isn't broken…" yea. despite my love to rearrange things and put together a space in our home for all to enjoy, i was hesitant to mess with a sleeping routine. plus, i really looked forward to watching the girls cuddle up to one another after a long day, one of tears and fighting and maybe not playing the best, and see all that wash away. because truly at the end of the day, love is what matters. 

i gathered inspiration via pinterest and other sources as a starting point. i stalked craigslist for a matching jenny lind set, which took six whole months, and i sought out art pieces that represent the girls in the best way. a theme i like to incorporate in our home when it comes to most of the art work you see {you can read more about that on our house tours on a cup of jo and design sponge}. so ultimately, when it came down to adding some life to their walls the girls had a big part in that.  i pulled out my box full of pretty art i have collected of the girls' as well as gifts and things i have purchased along the way. kaia chose to frame the yarn weave she made early this year and kendi picked out the flamingo art piece, one of her favorites. and i picked out their beautiful profiles and some vintage floral we came across thrifting together. when it came down to framing them we used framebridge, an easy and affordable way to frame keepsakes, photos, and art. i love how user friendly their process was and when they arrived on our doorstep they were even more beautiful than what i had imagined them to be. 

this room is now where we gather every single night. after baths are had, teeth are brushed, jammies are on, and the linens are sprayed with essential oils, we climb into their pillow soft beds. aaron usually snuggles in next to kendi and i with kaia and klo. we read books, share our favorite stories and moments from the day, and it's lights out. what used to be a nursery, is now a room where our big girls will spend time in sharing dreams and secrets and laughter and tears, i'm sure from time to time. 

simply peeking in makes my heart smile for miles. 

sources of the things you see: 

bedroom furniture: 
- beds: from christeli 
- bed frames: thrifted on craigslist
- dresser: young america  
- school house chair: my mother's when she was little

decorative items:
- basket for toy storage: olli ella
- stuffed toy animals: hazel village and jelly cat
- stuffed unicorn: dainty cheeks
- rug: nate berkus for target 
- kids profile art: a family print shop
- picture frames: framebridge
- planter: anthropologie 
- basket to house hair bows and such: container store 
- essential oils: homemade blends made by us using young living essential oils. you can order yours here.
- bedding: school house electric
- white quilt: handmade by my grandmother
- embroidered decorative pillow: world market 
- alphabet hanging: gift from india 
- flamingo art: lady noel designs 
- various books: barnes and noble 
- be kind hanging sign: matriarch handmade
- hat: gap kids
- peg rack: container store 

i think that covers it… if i missed something please let me know! 

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* thank you dear sponsor, framebridge for being part of this special space and our readers for following along this journey with us.