a summer morning in july

on a summer morning in july kaley from kansas, a dear soul + friend i connected with on the instagram came over to meet us for the first time. i saw that she was in town visiting with her love, his home state actually, and messaged her suggesting that her and i meet up if her schedule allowed her to do so. i am so happy that i did because… well kaley is just one of those people you want in your life. a dear, kind, sweet and talented gem that was adored not only by me but my girls too!

while we visited she captured life as it unfolds with my girls and i have to say, they are some of my very favorite. my girls played with her like they're own. comfortably aquatinted right away. we enjoyed having kaley here and to this day the girls keep asking when she'll return. i think that says a lot.


buffalo chicken salad

i've been living off of this salad for weeks… which has to mean something right?! IT'S GOOD!  with the help from my love, this salad is pure perfection dears and i'd be a sad friend if i didn't share it with you. so enjoy!

it's real simple and easy to prep and make… so go… what are you waiting around for?! get this salad in your tummy!

your grocery list:
- 1.5 lbs of chicken breast
- bundle of green onion
- a red onion
- a package of cherry tomatoes or if you have a garden pick twenty or so
- parsley
- 5 stalks of celery
- 1/2 lbs feta cheese

food prep:
- saute 1.5 lbs chicken breast in olive oil and season with salt and pepper.
- pan fry the chicken (meaning don't cook all the way through)
- let cool, chop up in small cubes and toss in frank's buffalo sauce. you can refrigerate over night giving time to marinate but if time isn't on your side that's okay too, their ready for the oven!
- once you have given the chicken time to marinate, bake chicken for 20 minutes on 350 degrees.
- while you're waiting on the chicken you can chop up the rest of the ingredients (except the feta cheese) and toss in a bowl.
- after chicken is baked and cooked all the way through, toss in the bowl with the rest of the ingredients and your all set!
- add more Frank's buffalo sauce if desired and top it off with some feta cheese. you can use blue cheese also, but our family is more of a feta cheese palette!

you can simply eat it as prepared or you can make a sandwich or put it over rice or even lettuce, it's good either way you choose!

enjoy, dears!