october's blessing

"i'm so glad i live in a world where there are octobers" - L.M Montgomery 

it's going to be hard to say goodbye to october this year. the colors on all the trees were by far the prettiest i've ever seen. the weather, well that too, was amazing. i honestly adore autumn but i also find it hard to actually embrace for what it brings because of the cold months that follow. here in the upper midwest, we wish for autumn days like the ones we've been blessed with this year. so naturally we've been spending this month relishing in the traditions of the season and really soaking it up.

we've been making our way through the apple orchard and darling neighborhood nurseries to pumpkin patches and long walks along the river near our home with our stokke stroller, a new system for us that is bringing ease and comfort to our special outings. what we're really loving is kaia and kendi can now hitch a ride using the attached skateboard if they get tired. something we've been missing from our other stroller systems, so this has been a nice change and great for our long ventures out. i also love the attached bag it comes with that we've been using to store snacks for the girls along with their foraging treasures. it's super convenient for them to grab what they need and store something when they need to.

i think my favorite routine of the season has been our long afternoon walks. strolling along beautiful draped streets and landscapes. soaking up the fresh air, while letting the girls run freely ahead. it's been fun to watch the them notice the big and settle changes of the season too. pointing out the trees that have changed colors from day to day and the ones that are dropping their leaves. they are just as fascinated by the beauty of this seasonal change which makes me happy. it's the little things, you know?!

pumpkin picking was extra sweet this year. we went to a darling nursery for our annual mums and white pumpkins for painting at home. last weekend we ventured to the pumpkin patch we visit every year. klo picked out her very first pumpkin and then tried to carry it with her wherever she went. to think that just last year, 10 months ago, she was about the weight and size of the very pumpkin she picked out still cozy in my tummy and to see this year, three little pumpkin darlings all in a row… makes my heart swell. time sure has it's way of sweeping us off our feet, doesnt it?!

what are some of your october blessings?

for the curious: 
kaia's is wearing garments from darling clementine and boots from zara. 
kendi is wearing garments from darling clementine and bloom.  
klo is wearing garments from darling clementine and bloom. shoes from zuzii. 
stroller is from stokke.

* this post was sponsored by stokke. thank you reader for helping support brands that help support this space. all opinions are my own. 


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