where the pines touch the sky

early december before all the snow and real cold weather settled in the girls and i adventured to one of our favorite wilderness parks, where the pine trees touch the sky. this place is a little slice of heaven all year round and a place we adventure to when we need it most.

it's been three months since my big career change from family therapist to stay at home mama-hood and while i thought it was going to be an easy transition, i quickly discovered my ideals were much different than what i imagined them to be. before this new life all began, i landed on this idea that being home would free up more time and space for me to be more present with my girls while allowing some time to build on some dreams i've been wanting to dive into more freely. how incredibly wrong i was. in some ways my idea of how this new life would be have been just as so and in other ways they have posed some very new challenges.

i've learned being home with my children delivers a heap of sacrifice, more than i ever imagined. BUT i also learned how much i was missing and how much i needed this new way of life almost as much as they did. my days with them have been some of my hardest but also some of my very best. i feel i work twice as hard than i once did and feel ten times more tired at the end of the day. BUT every morning i rise feeling so grateful that i get to spend my days like this with them.

our adventure to where the pine trees touch the sky took place on a day where our moods were off and our need for adventure and fresh air were something fierce. coming from a home body who on cold winter days prefers to stay inside where it's cozy and warm than to face the bite of bitterness on my nose, i've found little adventures mixed into our day are a complete game changer.

so on a cold winter day we bundled up in our winter gear, snuggled klo in our stokke stroller using their foot muff to keep her extra cozy and warm, and off we went on a long winter walk to one of our favorite places and gathered a beautiful plethora of pine cones along the way. sometimes fresh air and a change of scenery is all you need.

photography by the lovely kadi tiede

this post is in collaboration with Stokke. thank you kindly for supporting brands that help support living life's moments. 

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