changing the world starts with you

i was reminded of this video again and thought it was worth sharing, given our time in history. 
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a big girl room for our littlest bird


klo is still sleeping in her crib that is currently tucked in a little nook in my and aaron's bedroom. it's the perfect spot for her right now but someday, not too far from now, she'll need a little more space to stretch those growing limbs and this room will be ready for her when that time comes. for now, we use this room for guests or occasionally for naps during the day or even for the midnight bed hopping that tends to happen around here. 

personally, i feel a sense of peace and calm coming into this space. i especially love entering this room around midday as the sun starts to prepare it's last light and filters in the softest glow. sometimes, i'll make a warm drink and sneak off to enjoy a few sips of quiet before the after school rush and before the dinner hour begins. anyway, i believe it suits our littlest bird and is beautifully fitting for her good natured, old soul. 

i carefully put a list of sources together for the curious below.

- headboard: family heirloom piece, vintage. 
- bedside table: designed and handmade by bloom  
- throw pillows: target does it again. 
- lamp: taget
- pink linen pillow cases: handmade
- duvet cover: pottery barn. similar here. 
- variety of books: purchased at barnes and noble and local red balloon. 
- floral rocking chair: vintage 
- rug: west elm 
- "i love you for all that you are… " picture hanging: @jaxnblvd 
- peg hooks: container store
solly baby wrap from solly baby
- baby sling: sakura bloom 
- small hanging calendar: paper source
- letter "K": anthropologie 
- hangers for art: search vintage hangers on etsy
- floral and horse illustrations: kellie murray
- pot for plant or flowers: target 
- dresser: vintage 
- beautiful lace on dresser: vintage
- basket for toys: home goods 


a new week

after many requests i share with you a playlist. this is one we listen to often during the day. it's a mix of feel good, get yourself out of a funk but relax me too kinda lists. it's good. i think you'll like it. actually i know you will. enjoy, here!

happy new week to you!


a simple how to using essential oils

the girls and i spent the last day of winter vacation and the first day of the new year purging closets, organizing, cleaning, creating and giving our home a fresh start for twenty seventeen. i always find this time of year to be uplifting as we have a new beginning, a clean slate if you will, to purge and make changes we feel is necessary for a positive year ahead. so i guess spending time doing all these things seemed like a great way to start the year.

in the wake of purging and moving things around i came across a vase of cockscomb flowers i had dried from a bouquet i picked up at the farmer's market this past fall. for those that may not be familiar, cockscomb flowers are vibrant in color and have a fuzzy like texture to them. they keep well too. so if you're into drying flowers these are a beautiful option and they make a lovely natural diffuser or freshener for your space!

here's a simple how to + what you'll need to make a natural diffuser using cockscomb flowers:

you'll need the following: 
- dried cockscomb flowers
- essential oil - we use young living essential oil. you can find them here and order here.
- a vase to put them in - the one you see here you can find at ikea.

a simple how to: 
- take your favorite pure essential oil and add 1-3 drops on each of the dried flowers. i used young living's peace + calming blend, orange, and lemon grass. these oils combined provide a calm and clean and uplifting vibe. a must try, in my opinion!
- arrange in a vase and find a special home for it. my only suggestion is make sure you find a place that you visit often. your heart will thank you every time you walk by or enter the room.

also, i find the fragrance lasts a good 5-7 days but feel free to add more drops once the scent fades.