a simple how to using essential oils

the girls and i spent the last day of winter vacation and the first day of the new year purging closets, organizing, cleaning, creating and giving our home a fresh start for twenty seventeen. i always find this time of year to be uplifting as we have a new beginning, a clean slate if you will, to purge and make changes we feel is necessary for a positive year ahead. so i guess spending time doing all these things seemed like a great way to start the year.

in the wake of purging and moving things around i came across a vase of cockscomb flowers i had dried from a bouquet i picked up at the farmer's market this past fall. for those that may not be familiar, cockscomb flowers are vibrant in color and have a fuzzy like texture to them. they keep well too. so if you're into drying flowers these are a beautiful option and they make a lovely natural diffuser or freshener for your space!

here's a simple how to + what you'll need to make a natural diffuser using cockscomb flowers:

you'll need the following: 
- dried cockscomb flowers
- essential oil - we use young living essential oil. you can find them here and order here.
- a vase to put them in - the one you see here you can find at ikea.

a simple how to: 
- take your favorite pure essential oil and add 1-3 drops on each of the dried flowers. i used young living's peace + calming blend, orange, and lemon grass. these oils combined provide a calm and clean and uplifting vibe. a must try, in my opinion!
- arrange in a vase and find a special home for it. my only suggestion is make sure you find a place that you visit often. your heart will thank you every time you walk by or enter the room.

also, i find the fragrance lasts a good 5-7 days but feel free to add more drops once the scent fades.



  1. I've juste discovered your instagram ! it is beautiful !! thanks for sharing all these lovely pictures !

    1. Thank you! I greatly appreciate your words and time you took to comment here. I hope to see you around here often! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!