a little note to say...

hello, it's been awhile. i thought i would take a few moments of your time to explain a bit of where i've been and why i haven't visited here for sometime.

for those that follow along on instagram probably know by now that my family suffered a significant loss early february. my sister's husband passed away unexpectedly during the late night on super bowl sunday. there were no warning signs. there were zero complaints of him not feeling well. in fact, he was gearing up for a trip to Nepal just days before his passing and had just found out that he would be a father of two girls come july. everything seemed normal. everything was good. it was great actually. it's no surprise that this has been nothing short of devastating for my sister and family and everyone that crossed paths with the extraordinary person that he was.

loss no matter how young or old or unexpected or expected is difficult to bear. it's the kind of pain we don't give much thought about until we're in it. living it. breathing it. feeling it. it's one of those things that we can't prepare for until it happens. it's something that takes time and even time may never heal or fill the void that is deeply felt. i have witnessed my sister's strength and see the strong woman that she is. still, this is something that even someone who is very strong is hard to feel and experience. i know in my heart that she will march onward in love and learn to dance with this great loss. she will find her way again.

another reason why i have been away is my family has suffered from a season of bad sickness. it's been an obnoxious five weeks of one illness that then has opened the door to another. we've had the stomach flu four times, strep throat twice, double ear infections and now just getting over the influenza. it's been painful to watch my little ones so sick. it's been painful to be on the receiving end of the sickness too. parenting when not feeling well is not fun, as you know. it's extremely hard actually and literally wipes you out. i feel so bad that we have been so sick this season. BUT if anything it gave us good reason to slow things way down and pay attention to one thing and one thing only, F A M I L Y. and that my friends is exactly what we did.

i am happy to report that we are all feeling better again! WHOO! and that i have found some energy to come here and write again. i have a few fun posts in the works for you and hope to share them with you soon!

BUT first I want to thank all of you again for your prayers, emails, messages, and texts sent our way these past few weeks. they have been felt and we appreciate all your love and for taking the time to think of us.

continue to be rays of light, dear ones!

xx hugs!


  1. I am so happy to read you are feeling better - in every way.
    Be strong.
    xo, ziva