a peaceful weekend of rest

spring really hasn't sprung in the upper midwest just yet. we're still trying to stay cozy while we're craving for longer stroller rides with the warm breeze in our hair and flower picking. this weekend we slowed things down and stayed close to home. i nested a lot and we visited one of our favorite places in the city. the Como Conservatory is near our home. it's a super quick drive or half a mile walk which is so great and a beautiful place to escape to when we're needing a change in scenery.

it's this time of year where i tend to feel the most overwhelmed for some reason. i love the change this season brings the most in particular but i often find that i want to pile on too much too soon. my brain starts thinking home projects and coming up with plans for a good spring purge and deep home cleanse. i find it so hard to be patient and often find myself fighting this great eagerness that builds up inside. i want to be preparing our garden, planting more seeds and make our flower pots pretty again. i want to do it all, like right now... but i know that all good things come in time and a garden is certainly one of them.

our trip to this beautiful place was exactly what my heart needed, I think. seeing all the green + living plants and flowers in bloom, it felt good and calmed my soul a bit. the girls enjoyed themselves too which made it that much more enjoyable.

i hope you had a nice week of peace + rest too!

happy new week to you!

photos by Kadi Tiede Photography 

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