a string of gray days + then sunshine

after a string of gray days we welcomed the sunshine and warmer temperatures with a long walk around the lake near our home. aaron and i have clocked thousands of miles around this lake well before we even had children. in fact, it's the place where i said "YES" to him being my forever. this lake is not just any lake, it's a place filled with nostalgia no matter how routine it feels. coming here with our girls is easily one of our favorite spots to spend time at during the warmer months.

we to head out for long walks just after dinner. so the other evening after the dishes were done and the kitchen was clean and tidy, we packed the basket of our silver cross stroller -- which is amazing by the way--  with hats for the girls, water bottles, and bread for the ducks. this will be one of many walks this season, this will be one of many walks we'll venture on around the lake this season. i am looking forward to long stroller naps whilst sipping iced tea and feeling the warm sun on my back. i am looking forward to the girls catching their first fish and seeing their faces light up with excitement as they feed the ducks. i am looking forward to watching everything bloom and the girls walking home with bouquets of fresh wildflowers in their hands. i am looking forward to teaching kaia how to perfect her catch and release and kendi how to skip rocks and klo how to get those hands even more dirty. most importantly i'm looking forward to spending this season at home with them.

hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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