spring blooms + a new playlist

the ranunculus is known as the 'flower of spring'. i love how wildly beautiful they are and how these too resemble so much of what this season brings.  

this morning we woke up to white covered grasses and tree branches clothed snow. SNOW! i know some of our friends in other parts of the country experienced the same thing over the weekend. spring has it's way with us, doesn't it? i find spring to be the season that teaches me most about patience and solidarity. we are so eager this time of year to get things started and growing. i know i wish to see all things bloom so that i don't have to see all the dirt and garbage that winter left behind. i keep telling myself, patience kari. all good + pretty things come in good time. i love spring for this reason alone….

anyway, i thought i would share a new playlist with you guys in case you needed to freshen things up. i know i tend to do a lot of 'freshening up' this time of year, including our playlist.

so here you are...

feel free to enjoy with us, here.


  1. Can't log in Spotify, trying to do it via Facebook, but for some reason it doesn't work. :(
    Can I find somewhere this playlist maybe just in text format?

    1. hmmm, maybe you have to have an account. could you email this request to me?!
      Thank you!

    2. For some case it works if I open it with my cell phone. It kinda solved the problem. Thank you for such a wonderful playlist!