a spring promise

it seems in Minnesota we wait and wait for spring to show up and when it finally does, it rolls right into summer. after all these years being a Minnesota native, you would think i'd be used to this phenomenon. simply not the case, however. i love this season for all that it is, even if it's short lived from where we live. so before it passes us right by, a few things i love about spring.

I love spring for it's cool brisk mornings in light layers and cozy knits. i love it for it's warm sunshine and dappled light.

i love it for the glorious gift of blooming trees and the wonder that it brings. i love spring for the beautiful smell of it's wind and the linger it leaves behind in our windblown hair.

i love spring for it's promise of growth and change. 

i love spring for it's gift of longer days and playful smiles and new adventures. 

* photography by Kadi Tiedi Photography + stroller by Silver Cross US