toy storage

when it comes to your children's toys and things the struggle is real, am i right? i remember when kaia was born and suddenly feeling like we needed a bigger home because, hello space hog! babies and small children can tend to fill up a room pretty quickly if we allow them too. between books, toys, stuffed animals and the like, things can get out of control fast.

what i have learned along the way is less is always more. and two, finding beautiful ways to store the sometimes annoying objects you may find yourself tripping over during the day, helps. making things pretty always helps. in my opinion anyway.

"so where do you store your kids toys... "

i get a lot of messages asking this very question and so i thought i'd share it with you here. i must say however, we have a finished basement where we have the girl's designated "play area" if you will. i hope to have a follow up post to this one for you soon, but i thought i would share that piece of information with you. that area is where we have their little kitchen, dresses for playing dress-up, and various other things. but for now i will show you a little bit about how we do things our main level because honestly it's where we tend to hang out most of the time.

1.) favorite picture books filled with family pictures placed on dresser

2.) a variety of toys in basket that is switched out every couple weeks

3.) books for bedtime and learning

4.) where little coats + cardigans + carriers hang

5.) a basket bedside for books and current favored things

6.) a basket that holds crayons + small jar with colored pencils that are easy to access for quiet time and arts + crafts.

7.) the bench underneath the windows serves as a place to sit but also has large drawers that we use to store extra place settings, flower faces, china, etc. we have designated a drawer for paper, coloring books, and the like so it's within reach whenever we need.

8.) this is a closet space underneath our steps that we converted to a reading nook and toy storage

9.) baskets that i keep near by in the living room that hold wooden blocks and babies among various other things.

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